<a href="http://www.obereggen.com/en/newsdetail/article/verbindung_obereggen_pampeago_oeffnet_am_samstag/">LATEMRIUM - OBEREGGEN:</><br />The new Realm of Adventure starting Summer 2014</a><a href="http://www.obereggen.com/en/newsdetail/article/latemarhuette_2671_m/">A CLIMB THROUGH HISTORY AND NATURE:</><br />The Torre di Pisa hut,  m 2671</a><a href="http://www.obereggen.com/en/summer_activities/walking_hiking_alps/">WALK ON THE SEABED:</><br />the most scenic hikes</a><a href="http://www.obereggen.com/en/newsdetail/article/das_unesco_weltnaturerbe_in_stadtnaehe/">UNESCO:</><br />The Latemar is part of the World Natural Heritage</a><a href="http://www.obereggen.com/en/newsdetail/article/kulinarische_attraktion/">SWEET TEMPTATIONS:</><br />eight chalets offer special gastronomic treatments</a>


The panorama chairlift is open until 5th October!


Panorama - Chairlift
Open daily
from June 29th until October 5th 2014


Single / Return

Adults 8,00 € / 11,00 €

Kids 6,50 € / 9,00 €


Hotel Obkircher - 1357 m


Weather forecast for the next few days

The completely list of the summer
events in Obereggen!

  • The new realm of adventure Latemarium!

    From Obereggen, visitors can take the Obereggen-Oberholz chairlift (open until 5th October 2014) to reach the new Latemarium!

  • “The sweet temptation trail”

    There are eight alpine refuges on the slopes of the majestic Latemar group. Each one offers local specialities, as part of the initiative “Sweet temptation trail”.

  • To the Latemar Alpine Refuge

    The Impressive Roundtrip Tour of the Dolomites

  • A UNESCO World Heritage Site... just a short distance from Bolzano

    The Latemar Mountain group is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.