Vacationing "down on the farm"

Vacationing on farmsteads in the Eggen Valley allows you to enjoy the magnificent alpine scenery of the Dolomites and cozy accommodations – at the same time, you can save a lot of money, compared with conventional hotels in this ski and hiking area. Families can expect to be welcomed at the farmsteads with open arms – you don't have to bother with fixed hotel schedules (e.g., breakfast-serving hours) insofar as you'll be staying in your own apartment. Perhaps the greatest advantage is the unique combination of heavenly peace, clean mountain air, and pure relaxation – as well as the chance to take part in some interesting experiences. Whether taking the tractor for a spin, visiting the animals in their stalls, or chatting with the farmer's wife – on the farmstead, there's always something going on. And the friendly, personal touch of a holiday "down on the farm" is maybe the most-decisive factor for choosing this alternative.