The range of summertime activities available in the Eggen / Ega Valley has now gotten even wider: The Latemar Massive – a jewel of Mother Nature – provides the breathtaking backdrop to the Latemarium – a realm full of excitement and adventure, in Obereggen.

Because of its geological and botanical importance as well as beautiful landscape, this magnificent massive – surrounded by unique hiking trails – was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The new thematic trails will lead you through ancient alpine forests and over verdant meadows to managed alpine huts. And last, but not least, the easy access makes your stay in Obereggen a special natural experience for the whole family. 

Awesome Vistas
From Obereggen, visitors can take the Obereggen-Oberholz chairlift to reach the new latemar.360° outlook platform, which affords a sensational panoramic view of the surrounding countryside. With the jagged cliffs of the Latemar at their back, visitors can take in the seemingly limitless vista of glaciated mountain ridges – from Brenta/Adamello, to the Königspitze-Gran Zebrù and Ortler / Ortles, all the way to the Ötz Valley, Stubaier, and Ziller Valley Alps. And the latemar.panorama adventure trail (no. 22) directly beneath the walls of the Latemar will guide you through this impressive alpine wonderland. Especially spectacular outlook points are highlighted, and related history and stories are told – about life in the cliffs, legendary figures associated with the Latemar, and the historical boundary dispute.

From the Natural Backdrop to the Natural Experience
The learning trail (no. 22/23) for families and nature-lovers will sweep you away into the natural habitats of the alpine region and at different elevations. At these interactive adventure stations, you'll become acquainted with the flora and fauna of the region and learn exciting facts about their ways of life. You'll thus establish a personal relation with these impressive surroundings, and you'll come to see Mother Nature as more than just a backdrop: Visitors will enter into an exciting realm of knowledge and experience!

latemar.tempo features numerous sunny and shady spots where you can stop for a rest. Nature-lovers and families will appreciate the "Durabühl" downhill trail (no. 10/11), which will take you down from the Laner Alm to Obereggen. Wooded areas, verdant meadows filled with wildflowers, and a variety of vegetation make this trail a very attractive option for rest and recreation in the great outdoors. It's the perfect path to forget about time and simply enjoy life.

More ambitious visitors who are intent upon conquering summits are advised to take latemar.2671m, an ideal, medium-hard mountain trail (no. 18/516/22). This trail will take you along monumental rockslides consisting of bizarre and fantastic boulders. Once you arrive at an elevation of 2,671 meters above sea-level, you'll see the idyllic Latemar Hut, where you can enjoy simple meals and accommodations in a mattress dormitory. From here, you can see all the way to the majestic Marmolada.

At an elevation of 1,550 meters above sea-level, the Forest Zipline Facility at the Obereggen valley station offers an adrenalin-rich contrast to conquering the summit. A total of 25 different stations offer you the chance to prove your athletic ability, engage in play, actively learn, explore your own limits, and generally enjoy an unforgettable experience.

The use of the interactive adventure stations is at your own risk!
Parents are responsible for their children!