Obereggen - Simply brilliant!

Snow you will find only in Obereggen

Obereggen and the Latemar Ski Center count as the most coveted winter destination in the Alps and have won numerous awards over the years.


The world's largest test portal for ski areas,, has given Obereggen and the Latemar Ski Center Latemar 17 awards and designated it a "top ski area." Obereggen is the test winner in the category "slope grooming" and overall winner in the category "best ski area with up to 60 km of slopes." Obereggen was designated the "best-kept secret" and won third place in Italy among the 25 best ski areas of Europe.


Obereggen and the Ski Center Latemar recived two gold medals for the most carefully groomed slopes in the Alps by the


Obereggen was awarded one of the top ski areas in Alto Adige/Südtirol from


The German Ski Association and the newspaper Bild am Sonntag selected Obereggen as one of the 10 most beautiful ski areas for families.


The Obereggen ski school was awarded 5 mountain crystals by the South Tyrolean Ski School Association, making it one of the top 5 ski schools in the province. Furthermore, the Obereggen ski school has obtained the golden commendation for its dedicated children ski classes.

Mountain Management Consulting interviewed 41,864 winter guests in the 55 best ski areas of the Alps for its Premium Report. It confirms that the Obereggen snow park was chosen as one of the 5 best theme parks in the Alps and is thus the best snow park in Italy.


The Obereggen snow park received a Special Award at the Winter Sport Trade Fair in Italy in occasion of its 20th anniversary, making it one of the best and oldest parks in Italy.


Obereggen was awarded two outstanding recognitions. Skigebiete-Test awarded the Latemar Ski Center the ‘Top for Pros’ and ‘Top for Snowboarders’ title. 


The Premium Report of Mountain Management Consulting interviewed 41,864 winter guests in the 55 best ski areas of the Alps. In the report, Obereggen ranked first for ‘hospitality. When asked, ‘Will you come back in the next 1-3 years?’, 64.2% answered, ‘YES, FOR SURE’. Obereggen is thus one of the most beloved ski areas in the Alps.


The ski area covering the land at the bottom of the Latemar was selected as one of the most important 55 winter destinations of the Alps in 2012.


An expert commission and the audience voted the Obereggen snow park the ‘Best Beginner Park’ and ‘Best Halfpipe’ park in an online survey. 


Obereggen passed the Skiarea-test with flying colours. The Skiarea-Test declared Obereggen the best ski area in the Alps. 


The Obereggen sleigh slope was awarded the grade ‘good’ by the international ADAC sleigh slope Test.


The Obereggen ski area was voted one of the TOP 40 most coveted winter sport destinations in the Alps in 2010, a recognition which has rewarded the resort for all its hard work.


International awards for the ‘Ski, ‘Family’, and ‘Snowboard’ awards.


A gold medal for the most carefully groomed slopes in the Alps by the Skiareatest, the best artificial snow machines and the ‘Snow Master of the Year’ award. 


The ‘ADAC SkiGuide’ commended Obereggen for the wealth of tourism and sport offers.


‘Ski, ‘Family’, and ‘Snowboard’ Obereggen proved itself in these three categories in the Skigebiete-Test. 


Obereggen received the ‘Best Grooming’ award for the best groomed slopes in the world. The title was awarded by the Skiresort Service International. 

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A success lasting 45 years

Summer 1970: Eleven young and daring men founded the Obereggen Ski Lift Association and went door-to-door during their time off to collect initial capital for the creation of a new ski area. The ski area will create jobs, so they promised, and the majestic Latemar will become the attraction in the region. Many people agreed with the young men, but others just shook their head. A ski area, in Obereggen of all places? In this secluse, sleepy village with only one 20-bed guest house? Get real! 

45 years later: welcome to the Latemar Ski Center, a dream come true. Slopes as far as the eye can see (48 km), 18 state-of-the-art lift facilities, countless ski huts and plenty of sun, to boot. It has become a model tourism resort and is a member of the ‘Pearls of the Alps’. The project of the 11 ski pioneers became a ski resort which, over the years, has constantly been commended by a raft of independent bodies for its best groomed slopes. There’s no other award a ski area could wish for more! It also speaks volumes that every year, at the start of the skiing season, Obereggen hosts the most traditional European Skiing Race in the world, with an annual turnout at the starting line which makes all other European Cups green with envy. 

45 years in which Obereggen was always ahead of time. Its innovative solutions include the ever first connection to the Pampeago ski resort during the mid-70s, the big splash made at the start of the 80s by testing snow making machines when artificial snow was barely a concept, and the construction of the new Maierl slope a couple of years ago. Today, Obereggen counts as one of the most beloved ski areas in the whole region.

The Milestones of the Obereggen Ski Region

  • 1970 Eleven young men from the Eggen/Ega Valley found the Obereggen AG (stock Company). In the 1972-1973 winter season, the first ski lifts – the "Eben" and the double-seat chairlift "Oberholz" – are put into operation.

  • 1975    Obereggen together with Pampeago and Predazzo and their four new ski lifts form the Ski Center Latemar, and the region joins the Dolomiti Superski Ski Association.

  • 1982    The first snow machine with water storage begins operation. Since 1989, it has been possible to provide all of the slopes with artificial snow.

  • 1985
    Italy's first automatic four-seat chairlift starts operation, replacing the "Absam-Maierl" double-seat chairlift. Today, an automatic six-seat chairlift is in use.

  • 1987    The "Obereggen" – Italy's first fixed-clamp four-seat chairlift with passenger conveyor belt – starts operation.

  • 1997    At the valley station in Obereggen, a new building is constructed. The "Bar-Pizzeria Platzl" and the "Tipi" après ski bar open their doors to the public.

  • 2000    With the completion of the new "Ochsenweide" gondola-type aerial tram, it is now possible to enjoy nighttime skiing and nighttime tobogganing with flood lights.

  • 2007    A bio-mass thermal power plant for Obereggen begins operation, helping to save 500,000 liters of heating oil per year. (The "Obereggen AG" has had environmental certification in accordance with ISO – Norm 14001 since 2004.)

  • 2009    The natural tobogganing course is expanded and equipped with a snow thrower.

  • 2011
    The Obereggen Valley Station was expanded by another 1,000 square meters to host the ski rental, ski storeroom, ski and snowboard school, "Monny" sports equipment shop, competitions office and first aid.

On the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the Obereggen company, a book by the journalist Christian Pfeifer was published. The book (only in german) is available at Val d'Ega tourist offices or can be downloaded in PDF format.