Performance check

Performance Check is a free service that revises registered ski pass passages at the entry of the lift facilities, on the ski pass owner’s request. The graph shows the performance in terms of height difference/time, but not the effective routes as they are not traced neither is it possible to trace them.

It furthermore indicates the level of wellness achieved through the day’s skiing output.


The skipass owner confirms that he/she has read the informative.

Your only individual data is the one of the ski pass which is stored at the gate by the chip within the card. The card’s individual data is used for the consortium’s administrative and accountant operations only (no longer than 24 months) and are not given to third parties. 

The elaboration of “Daily ski Times check” data requested by the concerned person is not stored. System presupposes a lawful usage of the ski pass identity number by the owner.

Let's go... the performance check and discover the wellbeing factor