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The Obereggen ski area is just 20 minutes away from Bolzano.

The snow park aims to be a park for everyone with its more than 30 facilities, a half-pipe and a boardercross piste. The snow park is located on the "Pampeago" slope, which is served by the "Obereggen" chairlift.

Daily maintenance by hand and with snow groomer in close collaboration with F-Tech and the Obereggen facility company.

The half-pipe is milled 2-3 times a week with the Zaugg Pipe Designer. Parkhouse with stylish music and chill area included.

For all the rider there is a free WIFI.

Tip: three times a week at Obereggen the piste is illuminated from 7 PM to 10 PM!

Park facts:

Park facts:

Height above sea level: 2,032 m
Park Length: 650 m
Ski lift: 4-seater chairlift
Snowmaking: scheduled with dedicated guns  
Maintenance: with snow groomer and by hand

Park Structures:Halfpipe (80 m, 4,5m), 1 Boarder Cross, 11 Kicker (2-16m), Fun Box, Mini Spine, Roller - 1 Flat Box, 1 Down Box, 1 Kinked Box, 1 Rainbow Box, 1 Up-Wood Box, 1 Straight Box, 1 C-Box, 1 A-Frame Box, 1 Up Box, 1 Kinked Rail, 1 Down Rail, 1 Straight Rail, 1 Flat Tube, 1 UP-Down Tube and 1 Wallride.
Design: F-TECH park construction

Obereggen AG-Spa
Ski lift company
Obereggen 16
I-39050 Obereggen
Tel. 0471 618 200
E-Mail: obereggen@latemar.it
Web: www.obereggen.com

Snowboard e Freestyle School Obereggen:
Tel.: 0471 615 667
E-Mail: info@obereggenski.com
Web: www.obereggenski.com

Ski- and Snowboardservice Siegfried
Obereggen Valley Station
Tel.: 0471 615800
E-Mail: info@skisiegfried.it
Web: www.skisiegfried.it



1/3 Rail Contest2/3 Slopestyle Contest3/3 Halfpipe Contest

Facebook http://www.facebook.com/obereggen.snowpark


Obereggen Winter 2011-2012

Snowpark Projekt 2013-2014

Snowpark Projekt 2013-2014



1. Up double Tube 3m
2. Kicker 1m
3. KIDS Up box 1,4m
4. Kicker 1,5m
5. Box 3m
6. Kicker 1,5m
7. Rainbow Box 3,6m
8. Up Box 3m
9. Kicker 2m

10. Down Box 7m
11. Kicker 4m
12. Up Tube 7m
13. Kicker 5m
14. Wallelement 3m
15. Down Rail 12m
16. Kinked Box 7m
17. Kinked Box 5m
18. Box 5m
19. A-frame Box 6,5m
20. UpnDown Tube 7m
21. Rainbow Box 7m

22. Kicker 7m
23. Kicker 12m
24. Kicker 17m
25. Kicker 13m
26. Mila Box 5m